High standards & Sensitivity

It is in Soultz, a small town located at the southern gates of the Alsace vineyard that the Roth family cultivates vines on the sandstone and limestone soils of the hills resting at the foot of the Grand Ballon.

With a first vintage bottled at the end of the 1940s by Victor ROTH, succeeded by Robert ROTH in the 1960s, it is today Patrick, Christophe, Victor and Charlotte ROTH, 3rd and 4th generation of winegrowers-harvesters who make beat the heart of Domaine Robert ROTH.

Notsed by the diversity of the terroirs of this little-known part of Alsace, it is by combining high standards, rigor and sensitivity that the family produces Great Wines, identifiable by their stature, their precision and their longevity, without forgetting their great capacity. to accompany gastronomy. 

These qualities are the reward for the particular attention paid to the vine, for respecting its cycles, its balances and its environment.

In the cellar, it is a sensitive and natural accompaniment to the life of the wine which leads to a purity of fruit and an original expression of the terroir. All this with the sole aim of creating authentic local wines, healthy and whole, from the four localities grown at the Domaine: Mittelbourg, Orschwillerbourg, Hornstein, Binsbourg and the Grand Cru Ollwiller.